35 - Tijdeverlies - de cybertoog

Vrijdagnacht zat ik wat Technie sites te lezen, wachtend op een telefoon. ICQ, een IM (Immediate Messenger), stond bij uitzondering aan. Ineens komt er uit het ijle een boodschap binnen.
De log van deze ruim 2 uur conversatie is authentiek, alleen zijn de nicknames om privacy-redenen gewijzigd. De lange onderbrekingen zijn te wijten aan het feit dat we beiden voornamelijk met andere dingen bezig waren.
Zoals elke café-toog conversatie met een volslagen vreemde heeft ook deze tsjet (chat) een hoog absurditeitsgehalte. Het voorzichtig aftasten van mekaars interesses, een scheut amateur-filosofie, godsdienst, vaak erg persoonlijke onthullingen waar je niks mee bent, Hitler en de Nazi's komen er ook bij de pas, en blijkbaar het obligate geflirt.
Is dit het Net in 2003? Wie heeft er nog TV nodig, Familie en Thuis? Zie ook de grappige History of the Net hier.
Hieronder enkele uittreksels, de volledige log vind je

kevin (2:20 AM) : hey!
kevin (2:20 AM) : where have you been!
VH (2:20 AM) : doing some websites
kevin (2:20 AM) : i am kevin i live in egypt
kevin (2:21 AM) : do you have a name?
VH (2:21 AM) : oh cool, I have been there a few times
VH (2:21 AM) : Hugo
kevin (2:29 AM) : i am a student i attend political school | i used to live in us Oklahoma right in the middle of the country | just moved here not long time ago
kevin (2:30 AM) : how long is your hair!
VH (2:30 AM) : oh, now over my shoulders ;-) - but is curly, so it doesnt show that long when dry
VH (2:31 AM) : are you american or egyptian originally?
kevin (2:31 AM) : egyption american
kevin (2:57 AM) : i'm in the middle of trying to write a paper for my religion class
VH (2:58 AM) : ah ok...
kevin (2:58 AM) : it's on creation myth and sacred scripture
VH (2:58 AM) : I see, don't make it too blasphemous ;-)
kevin (2:58 AM) : and the human problem, too
kevin (2:58 AM) : :-D
kevin (2:59 AM) : i am making it more grueling than it should be
kevin (2:59 AM) : every few minutes, i'll purposely distract myself with something
VH (2:59 AM) : oh realy, with wat?
kevin (3:05 AM) : but to do it better.i am going to get even more drunk every night
VH (3:06 AM) : Oh, doesn't Allah forbid alcohol? ;-)
VH (3:07 AM) : (ducking away)
kevin (3:08 AM) : one day, i won't be shit at stuph like this. writing papers and having crushes
kevin (3:08 AM) : it ok
kevin (3:52 AM) : every night the same dream!
VH (3:52 AM) : what dream?
kevin (3:52 AM) : the same strange planet
kevin (3:53 AM) : why, what are they trying to tell me
VH (3:53 AM) : ah, and what happens there?
kevin (3:54 AM) : my cousin said* it means theres a very good chance to beam from the Zoes canon!
kevin (3:55 AM) : it also means that the bean energy too strong enduring the earth!!
kevin (3:55 AM) : he is 7 y/o lives in tamba florida
VH (3:55 AM) : you mean Zeus? Didn't know he had a canon, he has thunder flashes
kevin (3:55 AM) : dunno!
VH (3:55 AM) : How does the planet look like?
kevin (3:56 AM) : it's not a fairy tale, it,s by God the lords truth
kevin (3:56 AM) : red!
VH (3:57 AM) : oh, sounds like mars
kevin (3:57 AM) : my mom said* if you point agun to the ground you are not just making a hole in the groung, your killing the planet! | do you think mars is red?
VH (3:58 AM) : it seems so, its called the red planet
kevin (3:59 AM) : * what ever your on kevin, get more of it said my best friend jon!!
VH (4:00 AM) : so you need more dreams?
kevin (4:00 AM) : my dream is like this
kevin (4:01 AM) : ii was infected by a fantom during an experement, normally no one could have survived.
kevin (4:01 AM) : the first spirit wave was me
kevin (4:01 AM) : the second was a fish
VH (4:02 AM) : and the third?
kevin (4:02 AM) : the third was a dear i found out side Moscow
kevin (4:02 AM) : the 4th was a bird!
VH (4:02 AM) : a deer or a dear?
kevin (4:02 AM) : deer it is
kevin (4:02 AM) : sorry
VH (4:02 AM) : I'd rather find a dear than a deer ;-)
kevin (4:03 AM) : ever tried to track a spirit from outer space, it's no phun! . . what i am sayin, you probably love that
kevin (4:04 AM) : get real, it was a deer
VH (4:04 AM) : ok
kevin (4:05 AM) : and then there was that plant i collected from time square. that was no. 6
VH (4:05 AM) : so you have a neat collection there
kevin (4:05 AM) : yeah!
VH (4:06 AM) : was that before or after you smoked a joint?
VH (4:06 AM) : ;-)
kevin (4:06 AM) : I DON'T DO DRUGS, Hugo
kevin (4:06 AM) : i don't smoke
VH (4:14 AM) : of course, I believe every word of it. Just thought Hess was an old German Nazi
VH (4:15 AM) : He flew by an airplane all alone to Scotland, then disappeared, just off the top of my head
kevin (4:15 AM) : Nazi!! do you think Hitler is still alife?
VH (4:15 AM) : He would be pretty old by now. Who knows. You think Elvis is still alive?
kevin (4:16 AM) : maybe your not Hugo
VH (4:16 AM) : Who else?
kevin (4:16 AM) : maybe you dont live in Belguim
kevin (4:16 AM) : maybe you dont haf marocan friend
VH (4:16 AM) : well... where else should I live?
kevin (4:17 AM) : maybe you work for the FBI
VH (4:17 AM) : alot of maybe's... maybe your are not in Egypt but in Kansas :-)
kevin (4:17 AM) : of course i am in egypt!
kevin (4:18 AM) : why do you say this!
VH (4:18 AM) : well... maybe your are Hitler and you work for the FBI? ;-)
kevin (4:22 AM) : maybe you think i am trying to make a move on yOu
VH (4:23 AM) : It didn't occur to me, but I wouldnt mind
kevin (4:23 AM) : ;-)
VH (4:23 AM) : Are you?
kevin (4:23 AM) : i am:-<
kevin (4:26 AM) : do you want me to add you to my list
VH (4:26 AM) : sure, of course
kevin (4:26 AM) : as a start
VH (4:26 AM) : done
kevin (4:27 AM) : i love every one on my list, i hate them equally too
VH (4:27 AM) : as a start? what's the next step then? ;-)
VH (4:27 AM) : hate is close to love
kevin (4:27 AM) : sure
kevin (4:28 AM) : talk every now and then
VH (4:28 AM) : ok cool
kevin (4:28 AM) : dive together some time
VH (4:28 AM) : what is your dive certification?
kevin (4:28 AM) : padi advanced open water
kevin (4:28 AM) : yOu?
VH (4:29 AM) : CMAS divemaster - so no probs
VH (4:29 AM) : how many dives?
kevin (4:29 AM) : sons problem
kevin (4:29 AM) : 15 more or less
kevin (4:29 AM) : just a biggener
VH (4:29 AM) : well, me 500 more or less ;-) - on average we have 250 then, more or less ;-)
kevin (4:30 AM) : okey

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