55 - dEcOmPoSeD bOdY

Don't know what took me. It must be the Holy week. Decomposed Body. Not as bloody as the Passion of the Christ of Mel Gibson. Good Friday is a certainty. Eastern just a hope, and probably an illusion. This time I forgot how I did it, but I'm pretty sure I used Dreamsuite, Photoshop and Photocleaner.

Photo : decomposed body

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54 - The Hallucinogenic Decomposition

Sample of a digital manipulation of one of my model photo's. The title is inspired by "The Hallucinogenic Toreador", a painting (1969-1970) by Salvador Dali in his last period. The work is on exhibition in the Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, where Dali lived and worked during the last period of his life.
I bought the poster there, and since then it's hanging in my living room.

For those interested in how to make stuff like this, the full explanation is on my photo blog. Complete with step-by-step examples. Often it's difficult to remember the exact steps one takes in manipulating an image. Mostly it's just trial and error, and finding out what the software is capable of. In this case, I kept all the steps.

Photo : The Hallucinogenic Decomposition

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