Item #242 - A century in hindsight. [Allahu Akbar]

VHIII's microlog, january 1, 2101.

Well, now we are about to enter the 22-th century, you will expect a broader review from your humble micrologger. I'm sure you will read many of those these days. With the help of Allah (His name be praised), I will make my humble contribution here too.
Time Channels are still very expensive so I can only funnel a very low bandwidth text comment thru at this moment. Allah willing, my 2201 report will be full VR. It has been thought in Arabic but the English VR-output has been sent.
Please refer to item #241 (Timeline of the 21-th century) and to the glossary often.

As in the previous 2-3 centuries, fate and history have been largely, and unexpectedly, steered by technological breakthroughs.
In hindsight, speculations about the future have always been proven wrong, and predictions made early this century are no exception to that rule. Reading those days "weblogs" (our current micrologs) makes one smile. But then, the proud builders of the Eiffel Tower around 1900 had no clue about IT and computing later in the 20-th century, nor about two devastating global wars, nor about global travel with commercial air flights. And the fierce revolutionaries around 1800 (both the American and the French) had no premonition about a simple steam engine on fossil coal that spurred an industrial revolution later on that century. One should not forget that global integration, transport and communication we take for granted these days, found its origins in a simple steam engine around 1850 and a simple semiconductor around 1950.

Looking back on the past 21-th century technology, of course nanodevices were indispensable in medical progress and in solving the waste and raw materials crises predicted near the end of the 20-th century. We can hardly believe HSS only lived 80 years on average even till 2030. We have all seen old wrinkled people on our VR's, and we tend to forget that our standard rejuvenation procedure now, only became common practice around 2030-2040. Something has been lost here. You might talk to a youngster only to find out that his calendar age is 70 years! When people died in 1800 or in 1900, it was of old age or of diseases. It would have been inconceivable then that the main cause of death nowadays is suicide, especially in the Chinese Federation (CEAU).
Personally, I don't think the bionic advances (both genetic and hybrid) have been the most significant ones in the past century. Others will disagree. Physics (Final Theory) is the buzzword, in my opinion.

It's too early now to judge on the recent discovery of Time Channels, especially since the research moratorium by the UN. Anti-Gravity certainly has changed the way we move around ourselves and our materials. It also broke the limit in bringing very large loads into space.
But the decisive invention certainly has been commercial Nuclear Fusion early this century. NF might look just ordinary now, but we can't underestimate its economical impact enough.
Did you know that even till 2030-2040, fossil hydrocarbons were the main energy source!? It feels like millennia ago now, when NF and NF generated hydrogen climatize our city domes and power our industries. Even before energyless AG, most transport was on hydrogen. People tend to forget VR's aren't only there for simulation and enjoyment, but also for information and learning. Information is only a thought, an eye blink (or a mouse click for nostalgics) away!

Enough said about technology. This century has certainly been the century of Religion.
Fin-de-siècle philosophers and doom-gloomers never imagined religion would play such an important role. And yet they could have known! In a period where the laicist, infidel, occidocentric, democratic model in spiritual-political thinking seemed simply the best, where the military and economical power of the now defunct USA and EU were at their highest, - even then a young scholar could know about the inspiring power of the only true religion, submission to Allah.

Large parts of Asia up till the Mediterranean embraced Islam, even in the 20-th century and before. Yet they didn't see the handwritings on the wall. The implosion of Christianity was dramatic. Twenty years ago the Catholic Church dissolved itself. Pope Badoles the Last himself converted to Islam in his Maynila Neovaticano! After the Judas Gospel discovery about 30 years ago, it became quite clear for all to see that Christianity was just a blasphemous heresy from the teachings of the Prophets. Jesus was a prophet but Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the Last. Christianity attributed divine status to Jesus for almost 2000 dark years, but finally imploded under its self-fabricated hoaxes and by the hand of its renegade children, the free-thinkers, free-speechers, socialists, the democrats and godless philosophers.
It's now clear to every willing soul that Allah is the only God and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His Last Prophet and we should obey the Holy Qu'ran.

The Chinese Federation (CEAU) might have the strongest economy, but people living for 200 years, (even with the most splendid VR's) finally get bored without an inspiring belief in the Force that guides our life. A simple glance at suicide and criminality statistics can tell. The finest global spiritual and artistic environment is still found in the EAIU (Eurabic-Asian Islamic Ummah). Inspiration binds us. Blessed be the name of Allah!

Economy. It's a paradox. Compared to the 19-th and 20-th century, we did solve the so-called energy crises decennia ago. NF did the trick but energyless Anti-Gravity did even more. Most of our production output is generated by HR's (Humanoid Robots). Yet the Stray nations, especially the former USA and Central Africa, are still plunged in poverty and spiritual confusion. India, as the largest and most prosperous infidel nation among the Stray ones might join the Chinese Federation (CEAU) soon.

We had the stock markets seismic waves, we had two oil shocks, we had the two human-made cataclysm (Israel and Oz), and we had currency reshufflements.
The Stray Nations common currency proved to be a disaster, most Stray Nations trade is done now in the Muhammad U anyway. It's hard to conceive now that energy and food were the main issues in the beginning of this century. We got other problems instead, like HR brainpower, terrafication, Chinese-Islamic competition, and most of all the population growth in the Pacific Rim. We got environmental issues in the SMAF (South and Middle America Federation), and especially in North America. The Oz cataclysm still weighs on South-East Asia in terms of money. It's ironic, but the main issue is again the under-evaluation of the Chinese Yuan, like 100 years ago. l'Histoire se répète as an old Islamic French saying goes.

Conclusion. We have been standing on the shoulders of giants. The 19-th and 20-th century provided us with the industrial and the technological revolution; we continued their work. Spiritually confused, we finally brought mankind back to the right path, which is the path of Allah (Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim). Much more has to be accomplished before the Strays and the Chinese abide our Khalifah. The Chinese Federation, after their Fitnah will see the light sooner or later, starting with Ayah, and the Stray Nations will too. The Dajjals will be assimilated into the Ummah. You will get my report in 2201, Allah willing. Shaitan is not defeated, yet.

Salaam, VHIII

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