75 - Speechless

It was already obvious on december 27-th, one day after the tsunami, that it wouldn't stop with just 50,000, or even 100,000. The number is over 200,000 now.

The quake was 9+ in front of the Sumatra coast, the first reports from remote places like Phuket (Thailand) were disastrous. But Phuket has excellent communication facilities. Sumatra, taking the full blow of the disaster, doesn't.

Throughout South-East Asia, millions of poor fishermen and their families live along the coastlines, trying to build a harsh life. In the Philippines for instance, it's the only place they can build their nipa huts without being harassed by landowners. Beaches are state property. Squatting is just one facet of poverty.

They have no communications, no commodities that we take for granted, but yet they live a happy life. Then lightning strikes...

Photo: (click to enlarge) some scenes from a SE-Asia beach near sunset, taken in Lugait, Northern Mindanao, november 2004.

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