81 - Who wants to copy forever?

With due affection for the Hound of Flandria and Flanders Most Liberal "Story" found the inimitable EOD.com.

An unreferecend link is the EOD.COM Media Archive! (It's not piracy, it's sharing.) A clip of "Jon Stewart on Crossfire", have a taste of the Big Divide in the USA.
And for all fans of Queen and Eminem, a superior parody on both, and on the Internet copyright paradigm: The Kleptones A Night At The Hip Hopera. Legal? Download while it lasts.

Interesting legal question. As the IFPI declared, paper media can link to illegal MP3-sites, weblogs can't (see LVBlog). Does that mean direct linking, or links to links to links, like this? And what about Google?

Links to legal music:
Podsafe Music A free song per day keeps the IFPI away
Apple iTunes Select from more than one million tracks from all four major and more than 600 leading independent labels. Enjoy free 30-second previews of all songs. Find hundreds of exclusive and pre-release tracks and many rare, out-of-print albums.

Photo: The Kleptones, A Night At The Hiphopera. © The Kleptones.

Post-scriptum. Downloading Kleptones material is perfectly legal. On their official website, they offer a public download section for "A Night In The Hipopera". They are just too gratefull mirror sites like EOD.com took the bandwidth burden off their shoulders. As such, all links mentioned here are perfectly legal, clear to erybody. Except to people with more booths than brains, that are gullible enough to believe hoaxes.

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