82 - Ugly yucky wanking cockroaches! Domme trien! Haha...!

About some Belgian webloggers:
"Man, these mp3 fiends are like cockroaches, you stamp one dead beneath your boot and the goo is full of eggs that turn into newly hatched filthy stinking ugly [VH] yucky [DOF] cockroaches [LVB]. No matter, these boots were made for stomping out cockroaches haha fooled you. Fuck Nancy Sinatra,..."

About another one:
"Happyness is a demolishing a sixpack of lager while sending threathening emails to young (and some not so young) punks who think it's fun to link to mp3 directories. Well let me tell you, my soon to be finding out being thoroughly buggered without lubrication may be preferable to getting on the wrong side of the mighty IFPI friends, you'll find out that... wait a moment. Dang, syntax never was my game. Looks like I'm not the only one: 'Post werd verwijderd', gij dwaze triene! [My Fer Lady] (Dutch for 'you stupid bitch')"

And about one that posts about the foul language used in these citations:
"And we have our first request for a special song from 'de polle' [Polskaya] - does your mother know you're up so late, wanker?- 'Don't need a gun to blow your mind', haha!"

Hahaha indeed. Who is this guy that puts this kind of mediocre stuff on the Net? (at least he was right about his syntax) It's too badly written and just too pointlessly insulting to be Howard Stern.
Is it a cyberpunk posting anonymously cybergrafitti on some unmoderated webforum? A drunk (well, he loves sixpacks of lagers anway) who got unintentionally hold of the PC of his parol officer? Or some sado sex-pervert with wild fantasies of having intercourse with Nancy Sinatra, thinking webloggers that post late at night must be wanking, threathens to do it with my fer lady without lubrication, obviously gets an orgasm of "stamp one dead" ... "while sending threathening emails to young (and some not so young) punks"?

No. Hahaha. This is the chief guy of the IFPI-Belgium, the local branch of IFPI, representing the recording industry worldwide. And his name is Marcel Heymans.
Marcel recently started a weblog. The site is hilarious, and we would expect this to be a fake Marcel, but it's still there, and nobody could be as mean as the real Marcel.
Well, he removed some of the most foul-mouthed posts yesterday, the "bitch" (domme triene) (amongst others) is gone, but of course VH kept the page.
Wonder what his US-based bosses would say about his language and his approach, corporate America is quite conservative, "decent" and "nice", something Marcel can't be accused of.

But of course, all evil things have a good side too. Marcel posts copyrighted lyrics of 70'ies songs here. And since he is the legal copyrightowner, it must be "legal" to link to him.
And as a special dedication to Marcel, here some exciting links to very usefull software - in case you want to exchange some non-copyrighted material. Don't use it to offer or download illegal material! Of course. Here also a link to a site that offers knives. Use them to cut flowers or food stuff, not to hurt anybody. Got it, Marcel? ;-)


Photo (click to enlarge): he certainly needs a yucky splash screen for his weblog.

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