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"2004 - A Tsunami hits most countries around the Indian Ocean, effectively killing 300,000. The largest non-human cataclysm this century." (21-th century overview, posted december 30-th here).
Today, Valentine's day, this number has been reached.

A Lonely Planet overview:

As the closest land mass to the epicenter of the Indian Ocean earthquake on 26 December 2004, the Indonesian province of Aceh bore the brunt of the tsunami that followed. The UN has described damage to Aceh and parts of Northern Sumatra as 'truly staggering' in scale with mortality rates topping 75% of population and 100% of houses destroyed in some areas.

The number of dead stands at close to 229,000, with 1,000 bodies per day being recovered in Aceh, five weeks after the tsunami. This includes those reported as missing presumed dead, along with unidentified bodies.

Unlike other affected countries, the UN says Indonesia is the only affected country where the aid response is still in the initial emergency and recovery phase. Some areas within the province and outlying islands are yet to be accessed due to the sheer build up of debris across access roads and aircraft landing areas. Damage includes: 1.3 million homes and buildings; 8 ports and 4 fuel depots; 85% of the water and 92% of the sanitation system; and 120 km of roads and 18 bridges. Aceh is closed to tourism and permits are needed for anyone entering the area.

In Aceh, over one million people in 14 of 21 districts were affected. Of those, 220,000 are dead or missing and 800,000 displaced. Over 21,000 houses have been destroyed. The situation in many temporary camps has been described as critical, with fresh water, nutritious food and prevention of disease the most immediate priorities. Construction of houses, provision of schooling and return of the population to employment and income generation are all being tackled by local and federal governments.

Hundreds of thousands of people in refugee camps are at risk due to poor conditions. There continue to be reports of diarrhea, malaria, measles, pneumonia and skin infections, but no abnormal disease outbreaks. According to UN sources, the measles vaccination campaign following an outbreak in January reached a total 65,343 children (about 54.9 per cent of the targeted population) - primarily children located in camps.

Photo: (click to enlarge) Fishermens children in their "bathroom" near sunset on a S-E Asian beach.

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