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87 - We, the Politicians

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."
The begin of the a remarcable document, the first truely liberal constitution in the world.
We the People. Neither God, nor the King as his representative are the foundation of the political authority and the state, but the People. A self-evident truth. It takes 4,609 words and 7 articles.

That was North-America and 1776-1787. And this is Europe 2005. The "old" continent started the whole idea in 1215 and in 1581 anyways.
Now we are going to have our own constitution too. It takes 59 articles and 54 more in the complementary "bill of rights". So many that they misnumbered some articles (p.48, title I) and apparently nobody noticed.
While the American Consitution only prescribes the way the People should be represented, and the State should neither prescribe how citizens pursue their happiness nor provide happiness (minimal state, [Nozick], read here), - the EUDC (European draft Constitution) regulates much more. Europe will make us "happy", whether we like it or not. Father State knows best. The European state will be a maximal state which provides us with total social security, shelters us, protects us from pollution, feeds us, formalizes trade unions and pressure groups (art 46.2), tells us what to think, and what's politcally correct, and makes solidarity compelling (see also here).
The EUDC document is so all-encompassing it becomes contradicory at some points. Art 57.1 (EU members can only be European countries) and the admission of Turkey? No discrimination allowed (art II-21-1 and II-23) except towards men, in favor of women?

The EU will have no straightforward democracy. Legislatory power is shared between the European Parliament and the Sovjet of Heads of State (art 22). A "Union of Soviet Socialist European Republics"? Yes, We the Politicians.

Now one might think a proposed Constitution like this, drafted and defended by politicians, should at least be approved by a popular vote. And indeed, half of the EU countries will organize a referendum about it. Not so in Belgium, in a story that sounds like another political vaudeville.

At the start of this soap, the right or liberal wing political parties were in favor, the left wingers (Father Stalin knows best) were opposed to a referendum. Fuzzy-logic Spirit used to be pro, but got scared after they suspected that the right wing Vlaams Belang might abuse the referendum in turning it into a referendum about the admission of Turkey into the EU in 2015.
Now this is really hilarious. First the politicians deny us, the people, to vote about a vital question like the admission of a non-European country as Turkey to the EU. Then, getting afraid another vital referendum might be abused by us, the people, they cancel a proposed referendum once more.
Yeah right, in the interest of true democracy, let's cancel all elections altogether. We the Politicians know best what's good for the people. In a well-organized democracy, we the common plebs, should better not be allowed to vote at all. Period.

Belgium is a peacefull country that merely produces delicious chocolates and we don't have coups d'état here. But we do have coups de toilette.

And that is another hilarious detail on how them the politicians protect democracy from us the people when it comes to a referdum on the EUDC.
A few years ago, Green Party representative Magda Aelvoet was unable to cope with the divide between her party and the government coalition they participated in. The issue was about the export license of chocolates to the peaceful monarchy of Nepal. Magda got this sudden urge to pee when the voting moment was near. Well, a leader of a Green Party shouldn't resist a call from Nature anyway. So the proposal was voted while she had a comforting seat in the restroom. Very convenient. What do Belgians have with pee? See here and here and here.

So when it came to vote about the EUDC last week, Fuzzy Spirit representative Geert Lambert (elected on a pro-referendum program) made a gracious retreat towards the restroom, in the Grand Belgian Tradition. The referundum proposal was rejected 8 to 9 votes. The complete story (in Dutch) is here.

We the Pee.

Photo: (click to enlarge). We the pee.

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We the pee Excellent post! Hits the nail right on the spot.

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De bron van België De eeuwige band van 'België" met pissen: voorwaar een mooie analyse. Maar je pis-links leiden recht naar het Brussels Manneken Pis, en het Brusselse alleen. Ik weet niet of daar een strategie achter zit. Nochtans is het maar een imitatie. Het echte Manneken Pis vind je op En wie het verband tussen België en pissen wil begrijpen, moet dus niet in Brussel zijn.


Gepost door: Egidius | 24-02-05

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