88 - Mindanao tales II: the true face of Islam in S.E.Asia

I was warned last week repeatedly about my upcoming stay in the Philippines by local friends. The Muslim separatist terrorists started their bombing attacks again, in what Islam seems to be best at, to kill innocent people. It's called the Valentine bombings, since it happened around February 14. "Abu Sayyaf leader Abu Solaiman called the bombings a Valentine’s Day "gift" to President Arroyo". Most is kept out of the media. The Philippines (not hit by the Tsunami) are afraid of a serious drop in the tourism industry, now that the chicken Westerners avoid the Tsunami countries, and the rise in tourism has been 30% the last 6 weeks.

We had 9/11, Madrid, they had Bali. But the Philippines are used to it. Don't enter a mall, a convenience store, a metro station, a bus, a bank, without a thorough body search by armored guards. It's part of the game and nobody objects. Not to mention airports, where you have to open your backpack and all your dirty linen searched as a routine. Some Muslims want to make and indepent state of the southern island of Mindanao, with a 40-60% Muslim population (don't believe the site). Not by popular vote, but by bombs.

How gallant, these followers of the pedophile prophet Muhammad. "In a second call to dzBB radio, Solaiman said: 'Our latest operations — planned and executed with precision by the gallant warriors of Islam — is our continuing response to the Philippine government’s atrocities committed against Muslims everywhere'." Did he mean Madrid, 9/11, or Iraq?

In Iligan City (Mindanao) three foreigners were kidnapped the last week, the crowded MSU IIT campus (Iligan City) is under siege by the Philippine Police and Army to protect the students (first source info). Nothing in the media.
The Muslim separatist terrorists bombed a bus in Davao City (Mindanao, consired "safe" and Catholic) with many killed, nothing in the media. The foreigners (especially the Americans) rushed to move out, queing at the Cagayan de Oro airport.
Marawi City (Mindanao, the lake has been my target for photos next April) seems to be closed off. It's a preponderant Muslim area. Iligan City (50% Muslims, don't believe the site) citizens are advised to stay home and to avoid crowded places like bus and ferry terminals. And they are scared. Nothing in the media. Oh yes: "A bombing killed at least 14 people and wounded 70 others Dec. 12 in General Santos, a bustling, predominantly Christian city of 500,000 people about 1,000 kilometers south of Manila."

The main business area in Makati (Metro Manila) with all the embassies and corporate headquarters has been bombed too (see photo), and that couldn't be kept out of the media of course. Too many journalists and foreigners around.
"Three bomb explosions in a span of one hour jolted a nation celebrating Valentine’s Day last night, killing at least seven people and wounding over a hundred others, military and police officials said.".

Last october, just before the beginning of the Ramadam, I had a serious incident with a Muslim group that entered the swimming pool in my beach resort near Iligan City. First of all I was summoned not to use the showers (even the male part) since the female college students were going to need it. What the heck, I was a paying guest, they just drove in. The swimming pool was clean, and no eating or dirty swimwear was allowed, as it should be.
At a certain point, a bunch of college girls eating ice cream (does the Qu'ran allow that?) with scarf, jeans and long-sleeved shirts just entered the pool like that. I objected. The male guard of the Muslim girls was quite pissed off and the girls made fun out of me, but anyway they retreated. The Filipino Christians (dhimmi's) in the pool told me privately I was totally right but it was not done in Mindanao, since Muslims consider they are above the law, they feel utterly superior, and Christians are an inferior race.

Well, the Muslim company went on laughing and mocking me, but they weren't too sure since I obvioulsy was a foreigner. A Christian Filipino, they would have beaten up right away. So I used my WMD, threw my swimsuit out and started swimming nude (that's clean!). After a while walking to my towel as Allah (His Name be praised) made me, slowly passing the Muslim bigots in scarf, jeans and long-sleeved shirt. That did it. The resort management rushed to me and told me I was in danger for a nightly Muslim raid. And I was assigned an armored guard in front of my hut (see photo) for the rest of my stay.

Come on, this isn't about racism as they make us believe in Eurabia. Muslim and Christian Filipino's are the same "race". This is about the superiority complex of Islam, that didn't catch the principles of free speech, freedom of religion, separation between Church and State yet.

In another incident in Iligan City, a scarfed and overdressed Muslim woman passed the queue in front of an ATM station. Just like that. Nobody objected. Well I just touched her shoulder and pulled her back in line, since it happened to be my turn to collect money. My friend was waiting me in the taxi, and he told me I was lucky I got away fast. The taxi driver nodded too, because it's not done to defy Muslims there. Not as a dhimmi anyway.

Gangs of luxurious SUV's and 4x4 travel the main roads. Muslim families. They always seem to travel in gangs. Where do they get the money from, in an island where unemployment is even much higher than in the rest of the Philippines? Beaches are scattered with squatting fishermen families. Do they have better jobs, do they run their businesses better?
Apparently not. The Sulu sea between Indonesia, Malaysia and Mindanao is a pirating and drug traders area, no coastal guards patrol there. As my spokemen said (and I didn't question them) Muslims are into the shabu, weed and drug trade. As a Muslim you can't use that stuff yourself, Allah (His Name be praised) told so. But of course, you can ruin the life and health of infidels and dhimmi's without any remorse. Non-Muslims are Untermenschen anyway.

And there is the issue of the SM shopping mall. SM is a large chain that has malls all over the Philippines. They own a large lot in Iligan City but till now they refused to build a mall there. "Security issues". I pressed my spokesmen to tell why. And the story is familiar, also in Europe. Alone, Muslim keep quiet. In a youth gang, they start harassing customers, and engage in street and mall crime. No Mall in Iligan City then. Take the bus to the Cagayan de Oro SM mall. Only 25% Muslims there. Two hours by bus, see bus hijacks.

Iligan City, the city of waterfalls. The famous Cristina Waterfalls (with pools and restaurants) is off-limit for foreigners. Muslim youth gangs took it over, see mall crime.
Well I talked to somebody that was in a bus hijack. Bus hijacking is a popular sport with Muslims that come down from the surrounding mountains. The bus is halted on a lonely stretch, passengers are searched, and they have to surrender all their belongings at gunpoint. Even wedding rings. That is, if your are non-Muslim. Muslims on the bus can keep everything. And bus robberies are not that uncommon on the Northern Mindanao roads. It's just kept out of the media. Who mentioned racism and intolerance here?

Of course there are decent Muslims in Mindanao, probably the large majority. They keep quiet, and isolate themselves in separate areas. Unlike the friendly Filipino's, they don't seek any contact. They request that roads around Mosks to be closed for traffic while they have their services, unlike Catholic churces. So their Mosks are mostly hidden, in waste areas. And of course they disapprove of bus hijackings and HFR (hijacks for ransom). After all, they are decent. But I have been told they shelter, hide and support the mountain Muslim gangs. The Islamic Ummah or omerta, you know. They are our people, right or wrong.

So go on, dear Muslim sweeties. Americans are scared of cockroaches, lizzards and street food stands. They think they'll die without airco and purified water and anything less than the Holiday Inn. And of Abu Sayyaf of course. "'We will find more ways and means to inflict more harm to your people’s lives and properties, and we will not stop unless we get justice for the countless Muslim lives and properties that you people have destroyed,' Solaiman said."

Well, I'm not American. I'm European, and Flemish. We've beaten the shit out of the French in 1302. Lizzards are cool in your nipa hut bedroom, they eat the cockroaches and they wish you sweet dreams. Airco sucks, fans are great and they keep the mosquito's away. I'm back. Very soon. In Iligan City. In the central Mindanao mountains. By bus. Going to Davao. See you there, Abu. And put your Islamic bombs where the sunlight doesn't shine. Can I please take a "piktshorre"? "'You can attribute this to us,' Solaiman said in a call to local radio 20 minutes before the Makati blast. 'There is one more to come'". See you there.

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Photo: (click to enlarge): Makati bombing on Valentine day, my guard near Iligan City, october 2004.

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WTF? Kun je me vertellen wat hier allemaal van waar is???????? Citeer je hier iemand of spreek je werkelijk in de ik-persoon?

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living dangerously Solliciteer je nu niet iets té nadrukkelijk voor een hoofdrol in een van de komende onthoofddingsvideos bij Al Jazeera?

Van the year of living dangerously gesproken...

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Bon Voyage Have a good trip, VH. Speaking as an American, I wouldn't be caught dead in a Holiday Inn.

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