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Last weekend, I had had a thorough reading of the EUDC (European draft Constitution), comparing it to the American Consitution. Not that it matters. Belgians are denied a referendum about the EUDC anyways, our politicians know best. As usual.

Well, size does matter:

The Constitution of the tiny mini-US takes only 4,609 words and 7 articles, plus 10 amendments in the Bill of Rights. The global superpower EU needs 59 articles and 54 more in the complementary "bill of rights". So many that they misnumbered some articles (p.48, title I) and apparently nobody noticed.

And then there is content: more is better. The US Constitution only stipulates how reprensatives should be elected, and what the rights of the citizens are against the State. Europe will make us "happy", whether we like it or not. Father State knows best. The European state will be a maximal state which provides us with total social security, shelters us, protects us from pollution, feeds us, formalizes trade unions and pressure groups (art 46.2), tells us what to think, and what's politcally correct, and makes solidarity compelling.

A comment from Mark Steyn in the Chicago Sun-Times [thanks to DOF].

When I met him [President Giscard, writer of the EUDC], he had an amiable riff on how he'd been in Washington and bought one of those compact copies of the U.S. Constitution on sale for a buck or two. Many Americans wander round with the constitution in their pocket so they can whip it out and chastise over-reaching congressmen and senators at a moment's notice. Try going round with the European Constitution in your pocket and you'll be walking with a limp after two hours: It's 511 pages, which is 500 longer than the U.S. version. It's full of stuff about European space policy, Slovakian nuclear plants, water resources, free expression for children, the right to housing assistance, preventive action on the environment, etc.

Most of the so-called constitution isn't in the least bit constitutional. That's to say, it's not content, as the U.S. Constitution is, to define the distribution and limitation of powers. Instead, it reads like a U.S. defense spending bill that's got porked up with a ton of miscellaneous expenditures for the ''mohair subsidy'' and other notorious Congressional boondoggles. President Ronald Reagan liked to say, ''We are a nation that has a government -- not the other way around.'' If you want to know what it looks like the other way round, read Monsieur Giscard's constitution.

Photo: (click to view) EU: Size Matters, Bigger is Better.

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