98 (E) - The coalition of the killing

Well, just read it all here, and here (in Dutch).

Berlusconi is angry, Bush pees in his pants (certainly a different feeling than be peed upon).

""And then he collapsed and I realised that he was dead."
She said the shooting continued "because the driver wasn't even managing to explain that we were Italian".
"So, it was a really terrible thing."
Asked if the car was going too fast when the US troops opened fire, she said: "We weren't going particularly fast given that type of situation."
This is a serious diplomatic incident between the US and Italy, says the BBC's David Willey in Rome.
President Bush has telephoned Mr Berlusconi to offer his condolences and apologies.
Her brother, Ivan Sgrena, told reporters she was very happy to be back in Italy but was "very sorry and sad" about the death of intelligence officer Nicola Calipari, who Berlusconi said was killed when he threw himself over Sgrena to protect her from U.S. fire.
Mr Calipari is being portrayed as a national hero in Saturday's Italian press for his courage in saving Ms Sgrena's life.

Mr Bush also said a firm stance against Islamic Communist Aggression would remain necessary in view of the NorthVietnamese attack on an U.S. warship in the bay of Tonkin. Mr Bush further stressed that a batch of WMD's nuclear wired Barbie Dolls indeed have been found in Iraq. And that Iraq was targeting innocent civilians. In war, truth is always the first casualty. And it was all about oil democracy anyways.
Perhaps, very perhaps, that's why Giuliana Sgrena was targeted too.
"Congress shall make no law [...] abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;" (here). A dead journalist has no free speech. Take a better shot next time, guys.

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-- Well, there's a lot of extreme opinions about, all fueled by circular logic. Rusty Shackleford thinks she must have staged her own abduction for no other reason than that she is a communist. That sounds a bit thin. The same goes for those on the left that shout that the shooting must have been intentional cos she knew "too much", whatever that is.

Maybe a few more facts will surface, until then my guess is that it's just one of those fuckups that wouldn't even have made the international press if the occupants were Iraqi.

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Hello? Hey!!! Did the Islamists cut off your head?

In case they did, well, don't bother to answer dude.

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