100 (D/E) - Het Daget in den Oosten / The Day Breaks in the East" />


99 (E/D) - Weirdports / Kluchthavens

From now on, and for a few months, this weblog is going to be more of a lifeblog, photoblog and a travelblog. Don't complain, you didn't pay for this stuff anyway. A man has to do what a man has to do. East is East, and West is West, and sometimes the twain do meet. Het daghet in den Oosten (Day breaketh in the East). May the laptop and the digital camera be with me, always. Unless some enlightened Muslims taeketh it away from me in Mindanao (Philippines).

Voor een luttel aantal maandjes zal deze weblog er meer uitzien als een levenslog, een kiekjeslog en een reislog. Waar een wil (flitspaal) is, ben ik weg.
Het daghet in den Oosten, het lichtet overal, hoe luttel weet mijn Vlaend'ren, och, waar ik henen zal (hier).
Het ga u goed, Mijn Land, waar eertijds de klaprozen bloeiden, en de brem, en het bronsgroen eikenhout. En nu de flitspalen, de ochtendfiles, de bevoegdheidsconflicten, de MER-rapporten, en het CGKR. Draai maar lekker verder uw nestel af voor uw Waalse vriendjes en de dure fictie van "Belgische" chocolade. En voor een per krantenadvertentie aangezocht taai Koningshuis dat Congolezen de handen liet afhakken en een kwart van de Vlaamse kiezers op 50m afstand wil houden. Het valt jullie wel duur uit he, die 12 miljard Euro per jaar?
Ik ben makelaar in koffie, en woon op de Lauriergracht nr... Op naar de gordel van smaragd. E.D.Dekker was niet goed wijs om in het grijze Holland te zitten zeuren.

Et pour les francophones, la même chose, comme toujours. Le poète a dit la vérité, il doit être executé. Soignez bien votre Cools. Et Van Cau, et Di Rupo et Onckelinckxsz, et tous ces autres Wallons authentiques.
Heureux qui comme Ulysse a fait un beau voyage... Prochainement, de l'Orient.

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Click here to view in original sizeYES to globalization, as long as you have the plastic to match it. We all like your credit cards. No racism and cultural prejudices here. Not Allah (His Name be praised) rules the world, but the Holy Trinity of the Yen, the Euro, and the poor $Dollar.
Kuala Lumpur Airport.
Click here to view in original sizeAnd this how dawn looks like in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Like any dawn on any airport in the world, I suppose. Is this Truly Asia?
Click here to view in original sizeNow this is what they call luggage handling in Cagayan de Oro (Mindanao, Philippines). Isn't it straightforward? You just see the guys handling and throwing it. No excuses. You can even see the guy stealing your laptop and your dirty underwear. Who could ask for more? He can't be a Muslim coz he wears no scarf.
Click here to view in original sizeWhy are they flocking around the carousel anyways? Just pick it off the plane and you will be the first out, and catch the cheapest taxi. Or the most expensive one. Special price, Sir. Sure, the official price to town is 150 pesos. And this guy (09212872053) does it for 120p. This weblog doesn't cost you money, it saves you money.
Cagayan de Oro Airport (Mindanao, Philippines), arriving.
Click here to view in original sizeAnd then there is the sun phobia of the Filipino's. We as Caucasians try to get tanned all the time; they just try to get whiter. Walking with an umbrella to the plane. Don't try to tell them that skin color is sexy. The tropic sun at 8 degrees latitude burns and tans like hell.
Cagayan de Oro Airport (Mindanao, Philippines), leaving.
Click here to view in original sizeI love Paris in the springtime. Well, these are just carts on Paris CDG Airport. And two flight attendants (they will ask you later if you like chicken or beef) near the end of the row, having their last smoke before a 12 hr flight. Paris vaut bien une Messe.
Click here to view in original sizeHo Chi Minh ("Saigon" for the capitalist bastards). Wasn't that the dude that defeated the French in Vietnam, and then the Americans? He gave his life to get his country free, and make state of the art Vietnam Airlines Boeings fly all the way to Vietnam, empty seated. I had a great nap on 3 empty seats in tourist class!
CDG Airport, Paris, France.
Click here to view in original sizeWell yes, I can't afford Business Class. Who cares with 3 empty seats. Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh!. I wish they had Che Guevara Airlines to Cuba. Communism is great. Especially when a 10,000 people have to work for your 3 empty seats.
Click here to view in original sizeWhy do people carry all this bulky luggage around? Does Madame wants to appear in a different evening gown everyday on an Asian beach? Does Monsieur has to wear a jacket and tie in some remote resort? Didn't they know there are dirt-cheap laundries everywhere in Asia? Or did they bring 1,000 1 Euro DVD's home from Xi'ang? He was lucky, he passed customs. With 2,000 cigarettes of 20 Eurocent per pack, as I did in London HTR Airport.
Paris CDG Airport, arrivals, France.
Click here to view in original sizeThe Philippines is made up of about 7,107 islands. At low tide. At high tide there are only 7,106. This is one of them.
Shot taken from the plane from Manila to Mindanao.
Click here to view in original sizeKuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Airport again. I was bored. Waiting for daybreak. Seven hours is a long wait. On my return I used the business lounge for 14 $. Free showers, free beer, free food, free Internet. Who needs more?
Click here to view in original sizeDoesn't it look clean, at 7 am in the morning? When my true loves hair looks yellow? Still Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Of course not truly Asia. Malaysia is an Islam country where men women have to wear scarfs, and women men can fuck around.
Click here to view in original sizeDaybreak.
Click here to view in original sizeParis s'éveille, but this isn't Paris. This is still Kuala Lumpur. Nobody can tell. They have Vuiton bags, Rolex watches, Samsonite travel gear, Hugo perfume, Godiva chocolates, and you can pay all hugely-overpriced stuff with your Visa. Does any sucker buys anything at any airport?
Click here to view in original sizeThis is not done. Plain plastic bags, not Louis Vuiton. And do you call this hand luggage girls?
Kuala Lumpur Airport, Malaysia.
Click here to view in original sizeTrains between the different terminals in Kuala Lumpur Airport, Malaysia. Totally automatic and computerized. Like in Atlanta, Georgia (on my mind?), USA. The only thing I ever saw computerized in Asia. Not when human labor is only 2 Euro per day.
Click here to view in original sizeGods gift to mankind, and it's called txting (in Europe SMS-ing). Asians, and especially Filipinos are the most voracious txters in the world. As txting is almost (and in some cases totally) free, txt till you drop. A cellphone is a poor mans laptop PC and PDA, and how to kill time better than by txting?
Click here to view in original sizeManila NAIA (Nino Aquino International Airport). This is the old terminal. The splendid new one, NAIA III, is still unused for years. It's used as setting for SF movies. The German consortium that built it has been accused of bribing some officials, or was it the other way round? Corruption? Then it must be the Philippines for sure.
Click here to view in original sizeApart from txting, this is what people also tend to do in airports. This gentleman missed Collin Powells' message on the background screen, but he had a great nap.
Schiphol (Amsterdam, Netherlands) International airport.
Click here to view in original sizeSame spot, different viewpoint. It must be contagious.
Click here to view in original sizeThe bird for Kuala Lumpur is being prepared and fueled up on Schiphol (Amsterdam) airport. More than 1,000 meals are carried on board, 3 per passenger during the 24 hr flight. "Beef or chicken, Sir?" Well, certainly not pork since there might be Muslims on board, and they die from the smell of pork if the infidel in the seat next to them would eat parts of the unholy pig. Muhammad (peace be upon him) was allergic to pork, and now millions have to suffer the consequences.
Click here to view in original sizeSchiphol (Amsterdam, Netherlands) airport. After a long and excruciating intercontinental flight, the deprived smokers rush to the nearest bar where they finally can have their kick. It certainly feels good. As John Lennon said, the 3 best things in life are a cigarette before, and a cigarette after.

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Bye Veel plezier. (wuif wuif met de zakdoek) ;-)

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Godspeed Godspeed hugo!

Of moet ik zeggen allahs speed (wiet?)

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Weirdports / Kluchthavens

Bon vwajaasj !

Moge je veilig terugkomen en verder ons blog- en anders -matig onderhouden met leuke en/of interessante toestanden!

May the farce be with you!

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