107 (E) - Cold Turkey

If the EU wants to expand to Asia, the choice is clear. Filipinos are perfect imitators. They will implement the EU guidelines easily and swiftly; the political-economical-judicial system is more than ready. The Philippines are a non-aggressive decentralized democratic country, with a free press, that shares basic Western and (post-) Christian values with a strong emphasis on education for all, personal and market freedom. In the Philippines East did meet West. It's 80% Catholic, 90% Christian. They love Céline Dion, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Enya. Many millions work in the West, and they return eventually. Filipinos are adaptable and integrate easily. And they know what Islam stands for, and how to handle it. Firmly.

With the Philippines in the EU, we won't import uneducated criminal Mafiosi peasants like the Romanians and Albanians, but young skilled English-speaking non-dominant workers that can help to support our ailing Social Security systems a while longer. We won't import Turks that carry their Mosks as a snail on their back, and their backwards women- and intolerant antidemocratic Muslims views in their mind.
Turks that torture their prisoners. Their "democracy" is just a feeble layer of varnish imposed by military coups. Except for hydrocephalus Istanbul, it's a backward fundamentalist uneducated country where nobody speaks any European language. And Turks had their way with genocide; ask what's left of the Christian Armenians or the Kurds.

Turkey's place, both geographically and culturally, is in a Greater Turkistan in Central Asia, as a leader of the belligerent Turkish tribes and nations between Europe and China. Geostrategically, China would applaud a re-entry of Europe in South-East Asia, filling the vacuum the US will leave after the reunion of Mainland with Taiwan.
Like China, Europe's agenda is trade, not power, not the export of a political system. Europe is harmless, and the largely non-English speaking Chinese can benefit from the nearby Philippines (bypassing potential competitors like Japan and India) to adapt their products culturally for the Western markets, for call centra, for translation of their manuals, and as a cheap language-learning center (the Koreans already do).

Jesus or Barabas?
Turkey or the Philippines in the EU, the choice is clear. Pontius Pilatus at least gave the Jews the choice. The question is, will the EU-voters ever have the choice to express their views in a referendum? Or have the commissars of the Union of European Soviet Republics decided it already? Like lemmings rushing to the Eurabian Islamic Ummah of 2050? Habemus Imman?.
Or should the EU - gaudeam referrens - rather join the Philippines to safeguard its democracy and Western human rights values?

Photo: (click to enlarge) Jesus knows the way. Sign on a Filipino jeepney.

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ok well, you have a point. I too would take the Filipinos over the Turks anytime.

Gepost door: The Outlaw Michael Cosyns | 17-04-05

OK? Heeft Turkije ook een actieve Al Quada-afdeling

Gepost door: Egidius | 18-04-05

OK! Turkije heeft AQ niet nodig. De grassroots van Turkije *zijn* deels fundamentalistisch. En GMA *doet* iets aan Abu Sayyaf, terwijl de Turken in hun broek doen voor hun eigen fundamentalisten (geschat op 10-15%).

Gepost door: VH | 20-04-05

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