108 (E) - The two faces of the Roman Catholic Church

Recently, Islam came under attack as a theocratic system that wants to impose religious hence irrational rules to society and politics. Rightly so.
In an excellent marketing move, the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) as the largest Christian faction, has tried to promote itself as the tolerant pontifex (bridge-maker) between religions, insisting that "My Kingdom is not from this world". Didn't the late Pope John-Paul II went praying in Mosks and Synagogues? Won't the Cardinals, deciding on who will be the next pope, take this excellent marketing stratagem into consideration?
The RCC has been politically castrated in Europe after many centuries of brutal struggle and moral exertion, by the powers of free thought, by the Enlightenment and by the American/French Revolution. The RCC in the West has now become a friendly and an almost politically powerless Shrek. Like Michael Jackson, the RCC makes it into the tabloids now and then when another Boston priest fondles some minors. And that’s it. Who cares after all what a person believes in privately?

In the light of the threatening and imminent Islamization of Europe, some voice the opinion that we all should regress to the Holy Womb of the RCC as a measure of self-defense. In areas they rule, Muslims indeed have shown some pity towards Dhimmi's (Christians, Jews), but are without merci towards atheists.
They err. The RCC can be as theocratic as the Islam, if only given the opportunity. Nineteen centuries of European history prove it; the RCC still proves it in the Philippines.

AFP, April 19, 2005 (Philippine Daily Inquirer):
"In this predominantly Roman Catholic Southeast Asian nation of 84 million people, the Church still holds enormous influence over the daily lives of the population and the state. There is no divorce. Abortion is illegal, contraception seldom used. But with the population growing at 2.3 percent annually, the Philippines are sitting on a demographic time bomb which has pitted advocates of birth control against the Church. [...]
As one foreign NGO worker told AFP: 'Issues such as prostitution, divorce and abortion are seldom discussed in this country. Much of the work in birth control is left to the NGOs because the government will not confront the Church on the issue. [...] With over half the population living on less than two dollars [per day, VH], it is not hard to see why prostitution and sex tourism flourish in this country.' [...] The UN Population Fund has estimated that more than 400,000 women put their lives at risk each year by having abortions, which are still illegal.

A private bill, the Responsible Parenthood and Population Act, proposes to restrict families to two children, introduce sex education and enable the distribution of contraceptives.
The legislation has so incensed the Church that it has threatened not to administer communion to any government worker promoting the bill.
Monsignor Jesus Dosado, of Ozamis City, has vowed that any government worker who promotes what he calls 'the bill's anti-life policies' is 'not worthy to receive the body of Christ (Holy Communion) and will be refused."

Will the real fundamentalists please stand up, please stand up?

In an earlier (#101, Dutch) item, I reported about Valencia's (Bukidnon prov., Central Mindanao, Philippines) firm and popular (populist) Mayor, Jose Galario Jr. In Belgium we would call him a law-and-order cowboy and a "Vlaams Belang" (right-wing) adept. But the Philippines political system is not governed by political ideas as left-right, but by show business, by who-has-the-most-money and how-did-he-get-it, and by colorful personalities.
This guy declared "death to drug traffickers (and users)" in an attempt to curb the high drug-related crime rate in Mindanao. The rumor goes he is behind the summary killings in the city. These are out-of-court on-the-street executions of presumed drug dealers or users that would escape conviction in a long and costly trial. The Mayor is not shy to attack the powerful Catholic Church either.

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April 19, 2005 (Philippine Daily Inquirer):
"Valencia City. While most politicians are afraid to support women's reproductive health programs, Mayor Jose Galabrio Jr. is pushing for it.Since October 2004, Galario has been on a massive information campaign on the prohibition of registration of children born after the second child beginning January 2006. [Gasp, VH]
'The Church has its own policy, the LGU's (Local Government Units), too, have their own policy. I am only after the welfare of each woman here, and the government has not been created to always give financial support to the indigents here who mostly bear many children.'
Galario said women who give birth to their third child beginning January next year will have to look for another place to register their babies. [this means no birth certificate, no passport, no child allowances, no child benefits, no free state education in their own city; VH] [...]
'We have autonomy. If there are people who will question this policy, then you can go to court.'
Bishop Honesto Pacana of the Diocese of Bukidnon remained steadfast in the Church's call to respect life and the choices of the family."

Bishop Honesto honestly did not mention whether this included respect for the choice of the family not to have more than two children. Mayor Galabrio can certainly kiss the Holy Communion goodbye.

Photo (click to enlarge) : there’s always room for one more.

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Bad idea. Not registering a third child is really a bad idea ibn my opinion, since you are punishing the child more than you are punishing the parents.
If you really want to reduce the fertility rate look at Europe, where a dramatic reduction in fertility has been achieved without such harsh measures...

Gepost door: κrist | 20-04-05

Perhaps The same ideas have been outed here. Not "over"-population is the problem, but the inability of the government to address this "ressource".
My point was not attacking over-population, but the moralistic stand of the Church.
Besides that, demographologs (right word?) advocate a 3-child per family rate to obtain a population mean of 2 childs per couple (some stay single, some have fertility problems)

Gepost door: VH | 21-04-05

Dag Hugo ! Alles OK met jou?
Geef eens een teken van leven...
Wij moeten hier dringend een reeks teksten op de transfer-website zetten, maar weten begot niet hoe.


Gepost door: De Polle | 23-04-05

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