109 (E) - Mit Brennerder Sorge, Ice Cream and Champaign, and Wishy-Washiness

The German Cardinals were so delighted that their countryman Ratzinger was elected Pope, that they spilled some secrets about the process.
After his election (on the fourth ballot, the first of the afternoon session) with more than two third of the required votes, Ratzinger asked the Cardinals to dine together on bean soup, cold cuts, a salad and a fruit. The nuns who prepared their meals didn't have time to plan a special menu, so there were only two special treats: ice cream and champaign.
Ratzinger immediately looked very much as a Pope as Cologne's Cardinal Meisner said. Not many tears shed in the Room of Tears apparently. Why should he? In the good old Renaissance way, Ratzinger's election was carefully arranged the years before his predecessor's death, by appointing a large number of ultraconservative Cardinals (electors). All according to God's (Ratzinger's) plan, of course. The Holy Spirit wasn't even called in, ex-Nazi Ratzinger had his own election well staged for many years.
Back to the future.

Who thought of a Latin American or even a black Pope was wrong. The angry old men elected a Bavarian Rotweiler, God's jealous watchdog over the Church's doctrine, which apparently only consists out of condom-, woman-, and homophobia. Jesus will turn in His grave!
Where is the love?

So we can't criticize the Catholic Church because we aren't members of the Club? Forget it. Can't we criticize the Boston pedophile priests because they only fondled Catholic boys? We can criticize Islam and it backwards teachings, even if we are not Muslims. Why should a high profile and public organization as the Church then be exempt of scrutiny and critique? Especially since My Kingdom seems to be very well of This World.
The Pope acts as head of a virtual state, other heads of state like G.W.Bush and MGA (Philippines) pay him visits, attend his funeral, hail his election. The Church doesn't even recognize the Lateran Treaty up till now, when Church states in middle Italy were taken away from it, and added to the Italian republic. Not Of This World? Keep on dreaming.
And what's more, in its obsession to mingle with what other people do in bed, the Church morally and politically intimidates democratically elected politicians to obey its neurotic rules.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer, April 2005, several issues):

"Ratzinger has also attacked rock music, calling it 'the expression of basic passions' [...] while he criticized the media for focusing too much on the sins of priests involved in sex scandals [...]. [Would that hold for Michael Jackson too? Oh wait, Jackson is a rock star; VH] [...]
In 1943, he was drafted as an assistant to a Nazi anti-aircraft unit in Munich. Later, he was shipped off to build tank barriers at the Austrian-Hungarian border. [...] He deserted in April 1945 [how convenient, a couple of weeks before the fall of the Third Reich, we can't deny him some good sense of timing; VH] and returned to his hometown, where he was well know for playing Mozart on the seminary's grand piano."

"As prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith since 1981 and a close aide to John Paul, Ratzinger wielded enormous power in shaping Church policy, silencing dissident theologians and signing off on virtually every document that had to do with doctrine.
During his tenure, the Vatican was uncompromising in its opposition to ordaining women, homosexuality and lifting the celibacy requirement for priests.
He authored the 'Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the collaboration of Men and Women in the Church and the World', which was hugely criticized by women's rights advocates.
He opposed allowing remarried Catholics to receive communion and told American bishops that it was appropriate to deny communion to those who support such 'manifest grave sins' as abortion and euthanasia [including Democratic candidate John Kerry, causing a major stir; VH].
'When I heard his name mentioned, my heart sank', American Maryknoll sister and theology professor Helen Graham said in Manila early yesterday."
"On Ratzinger's election, Bishop Rolando Tria-Tirona of the Prelature of Infanta told the Inquirer: 'I was very happy. I hope to see him put back moral, spiritual and pastoral sense in Western Europe, where the Church is dwindling. There has been too much relativism, a kind of wishy-washiness there.'".

"The planned debate between Church bishops and Representative Edcel Lagman, the proponent of a bill to manage population growth [2.3% annually in the Philippines; VH], has fallen through.
Archbishop Fernando Capalla, president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, yesterday indicated the Church was not willing to debate the issue as it would just be an 'exercised in futility'. But the archbishop said he was willing to have a one-on-one talk with Lagman. [intimidation in a public debate is indeed a bit conspicuous, you better threaten the guy in private; after all, a God-appointed Archbishop is just not a dumb elected representative of the people; VH].

Writing in his column in the CBCP Monitor, Capalla quoted from a letter he sent to Lagman, the sponsor of House Bill 3733 that is aimed at controlling the country's runaway population growth. Lagman had challenged Capalla to a debate after the Church and pro-life groups came out against his bill and the Department of Health's Ligtas Buntis campaign.
Capalla said Lagman's bill understood reality as 'purely material, that is, [that] the world, life, development, population, responsible parenthood and population management are about the needs of the human body only' [...] 'This bill reverses and turns upside down this universally accepted scale of values and makes the human body superior to the spirit which is the transformative element of the human psyche', he said. [...]
But he [the Archbishop] indicated that the bill could still be saved if its authors opened themselves up to the Church's suggestion [or else...!; VH] [...]
'I reminded Congressman Lagman that most of his constituents are Catholics'." [...]
[Lagman] said he still expected the measure [Population Management Act] to pass Congress despite the election of a conservative pope. [...] 'A lot of my colleagues have signed but, of course, they do not want their names revealed so that they would not be pestered by the bishops.'"

The God-appointed Archbishop Capalla apparently missed a point. Most political-economical issues have to do with the needs of the body (do I smell some Cartesianism here?). Food, housing, roads, taxes, budget, health are all too material, the "spirit" doesn't need them. But well fed in his Archbishop's palace, Mr. Capalla probably didn't find the time to consider that viewpoint.
'The bill can be saved'. Saved from what? From the meddling of the Church? 'Opened themselves up to the Church's suggestion'. Suggestion? This is the Philippines, not godless wishy-washy Western Europe. The Church here doesn't suggest, it requires, demands, intimidates, pressurizes, conspires. Even and especially against democratically elected representatives of the people. A public blame, a refusal to hand out the Holy Communion, a ban from the Church, they mean a certain social and political death here for a politician. No need for a bullet.

"The Progressive Organization of Gays (Progay), the Philippines most vocal gay rights group, charged that the Vatican has a 'long history of repressing gays in church' [...] It said it has often locked horns with the Roman Catholic Church on issues such as condom use to prevent the spread of AIDS. [...] Progay remains open to dialogue with Church officials 'despite the intimidating hateful language' used against homosexuals, Falguera [Progay spokesman] said. He said gays in the Philippines were hoping divine intervention would soften the new Pope's stand on homosexuality."
Evil grin. Forget it guys, at least till the Rotweiler's tracheotomy or his next heart attack.
"Lagablab [Lesbian and Gay Legislative Advocacy Network Philippines] co-secretary-general Jonas Bagas said there was a pending anti-discrimination bill in Congress seeking to make discrimination against homosexuals as crime. He said the Church opposed the bill [what did you think? VH], saying it would lead to same-sex unions.

Spain's senate approved a bill that would legalize gay marriage. Tu quoque, fili mi? "Spain's bishops said in a statement after the vote that legalizing gay marriage was 'damaging to the common good' and threatened social order."
It's just so amazing their Boston colleagues didn't come up with the same thought as they tried to cover up the years-long abuse of choirboys by Catholic clerics.

"A private bill, the Responsible Parenthood and Population Act, proposes to restrict families to two children, introduce sex education and enable the distribution of contraceptives. The legislation has so incensed the Church that it has threatened not to administer communion to any government worker promoting the bill.
Monsignor Jesus Dosado, of Ozamis City, has vowed that any government worker who promotes what he calls 'the bill's anti-life policies' is 'not worthy to receive the body of Christ (Holy Communion) and will be refused."

Photo (click to enlarge) : God's wonderful creation in the Philippines. The beach will soon be roamed by God's Rotweilers, no room for women nor gays. Roma locuta.

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Mit Brennerder Sorge, Ice Cream and Champaign, and Wishy-Washiness
Like in most places, the press is in the hands of anti-religious leftist who call themselves "progressists". They are people who fail to render other kinds of "news" than colored in marxoid or even marxo-leninistoid shades. Therefore what they write is mostly unreliable. Everybody remembers the propaganda-machine of the Soviet and other Communists. Objective news from the Vatican doesn't apparently not reach the Pilipinas, as it is the case in many other places in the world. It's a shame!

Going myself between 2 and 4 times in Rome for business purposes with the Vatican, I can see quite easily what's true and what's untrue. Or I can ask it to my contacts on the spot.

About the so-called nazi-past of Josef Ratzinger I'll be short: he was 20 when the war ended, and never endorsed nazi ideology. He didn't receive either any "nazi-poison instillations" at home since his parents had to move several times in order to escape the searching noses of the Gestapo.

About his taste in music, i'll be even shorter: "de gustibus atque coloribus non disputatur"(about tastes and colors, it's useles to debate) this is an old Roman proverb.

The fact that bishops and priests refuse the Holy Communion to people who are notorious not in accordance withe what the Church teaches, is normal since the Church, as any other club, has hits rules and by-laws. If you want to play a team-sport using your hands to tackle the ball, you should *not* become a member of a football club.

The same is valid for the problem of homosexuals: if they practice their own kind of sexuality, there is no room for them in the Church.

Didn't the apostel John not write nearly 20 centuries ago: "Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood" ? (Revelation 22:15) (New International Version).

Any other question ???

Many greetings from Ostend-Belgium and kisses to the ladies,


Gepost door: Fustigator | 25-04-05

Pantzerpaus Fustigator schreef met dubbele standaard : About the so-called nazi-past of Josef Ratzinger I'll be short: he was 20 when the war ended, and never endorsed nazi ideology. He didn't receive either any "nazi-poison instillations" at home since his parents had to move several times in order to escape the searching noses of the Gestapo.

Wel, wel, kijk eens aan. Nu de opperkaloot gepakt wordt op zijn nazi-verleden zijn we er als de kippen bij om dat te minimaliseren en weg te masseren. In België werden in de jaren '40 duizenden jongeren veroordeeld voor hun lidmaatschap van heel wat onschuldiger verenigingen dan de Hitlerjugend. Toen waren er plots geen kalotische herders meer, noch Fustigators, om hen te beschermen tegen de justice des rois-nègres.

Met mijn grootste minachting voor de door u gehanteerde twee maten en twee gewichten.


Gepost door: Egidius | 26-04-05

It's not that simple My main point in this series of remarks is the fact that the church mingles in state business. Especially in the Philippines. It's exactly that point that you avoid in your reply.
The gay and women question is very peripheral.

Gepost door: VH | 29-04-05

2 maten, 2 gewichten Voor Ratzinger is het Nazi-verleden een te vergoelijken jeugdzonde. We hebben heel wat voorbeelden uit het recente en minder recente verleden waar Nazi-connecties of (lang vervlogen) lidmaatschap van extreem rechtse groepen (Sauwens, die Vlaamse folkzangeres) een carriere kon breken. Voor Ratzinger leek het wel een aanbeveling.

Gepost door: VH | 29-04-05

Mit Brennerder Sorge Egidius, je vergelijkt wat niet kan vergeleken worden. Meer nog je citeert geen enkel geval dat van verre of van dichtbij vergeleken kan worden met de toestand van Josef Ratzinger als minderjarige lid van de Hitlerjugend.

Wie waren die jonge Vlamingen die in of vlak voor de oorlog wegens aanhang van naziverenigingen werden veroordeeld? Waren ze toen minderjarig? Wie veroordeelde ze eigenlijk in notabene 1940? De nazis of de Belgische staat?

Voor mij doe je enkel hier aan stemmingmakerij. Graag meer feiten ... Maar iemand die in 't wit gekleed rondloopt maak je makkelijker zwart dan iemand met donkere kleren aan.

Dubbele maten? Kij eerst naar jezelf.

Egidius, waer bestu bleven? je moet rustiger zijn als je op iemand reageert, waarmee je het niet eens bent.

Gepost door: Fustigator | 10-05-05

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