113 (E) [Trivia] - Wala lang.

Or "nothing really", in Tagalog or Pilipino. A few days ago, the Taiphoon season started, and a big one just missed the Philippines and is now on its way to Japan. Serves them right. China has denied any involvement.
The depression nevertheless caused heavy torrential rainstorms in Manila, but there is always a Mall around the corner to hide in and join the window-shopping crowd.

The Euro gets lower every day, the inflation higher. Officially it's 8-9% now in the Philippines, and rumors of a military coup are in the media every day. Well, let's just see - a Filipino adagio.

And then there is the Holy Qur'an. It wasn't flushed thru the toilet (ever tried to flush even a small notebook thru the toilet?), but an infidel accidentally peed on it. That is, an airco blew some droplets on the Book when a Guantanamo guard answered a call of nature. Or how "shit hits the fan" gets a brand new meaning. And another guard stepped on the Book. Yes, stepped.
Does nobody comment on the high vaudeville content in all these stories? A guy steps on the Book, and the entire Islamic world suffers from a tantrum and runs amok.
For heavens sake, it's just a pile of paper. Desacration? Come on, what's the difference between paper and a screen? Do we desacrate the Holy Qur'an when we accidentally hit the monitor with a screenshot of the Holy Verses?
Muslim brothers, get a life!

Click here to view in original size Paradise, one of the small islands in the bay of El Nido (Palawan, Philippines). It would be perfect if it had water, electricity, and internet - and no mosquito's. But it's a hell of a place to put a tent up for the night.

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